Anston: Tyres no longer accepted at recycling centre

Vehicle tyres will no longer be accepted at Rotherham’s household waste recycling centres from next week.

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 8:20 am
Guardian News

Rotherham Council, which runs the four waste centres, said some small traders were taking advantage to avoid paying any disposal costs.

From Monday 5th August the authority will turn away tyres at Magilla, North Anston; Warren Vale, Rawmarsh; Car Hill, Greasbrough and Lidgett Lane, Bramley.

The authority said it had no legal duty to provide a free waste disposal service for vehicle tyres as they are not classified as household waste.

Despite this, until now Rotherham has previously accepted a limited number of tyres at its recycling centres, to assist what it called a ‘very small number’ of Rotherham residents who still do their own car maintenance at home.

“Unfortunately we can no longer do this,” said Coun Richard Russell, Rotherham Council’s cabinet member for waste.

“Changes in the law have meant that the disposal of tyres is now a very specialised and expensive process.”

“As a result, some commercial organisations have been taking advantage of our centres to dispose of tyres from their business activities so they don’t have to pay any disposal costs.”

“The four centres operate for household waste and there is no way at a time of reducing council budgets that we can take on the high cost of processing tyres.”

“We hope this will only affect a small number of people as most householders buy new tyres through a specialist outlet. Usually the retailer will arrange for the disposal of old tyres for the payment of a reasonable environmental disposal charge.”

“Businesses, or residents carrying out vehicle maintenance, should employ a specialist company who run a licensed service for tyre recycling and disposal.”