Anston: Rare baby lemurs arrive at Butterfly House

One of the three baby lemurs. Photo by Scott Merrylees.
One of the three baby lemurs. Photo by Scott Merrylees.

The Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston has announced the birth of three rare ring-tailed lemurs.

This is the first time the lemurs have bred at the park’s walk-through enclosure, Lemur Heights, which was opened by Barry Chuckle in June 2013.

The sex of the baby lemurs is not yet known and they have not been named. They are around ten centimetres long and cling tightly to their mother.

Abigail Carter, animal keeper team leader, said: “The first two babies are almost three weeks old now and will start to clamber onto mum’s back to be carried.”

“They will even be able to climb and eat solid food within the next three weeks. At between four and six months old, the babies will stop nursing. They are adorable and the mums seem to be very happy to show off their youngsters during the walk-through encounters.”

The enclosure was originally home to one male ring-tailed Lemur, ‘Julian’ and nine females- as well as three male red ruffed lemurs.

Andrew Reeve, zoo curator and manager, said he was ‘thrilled’ about the new arrivals.

He added: “Wild lemurs are only found on the island of Madagascar and we have our ‘Mad about Madagascar’ event coming up at Easter.”

“Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and is home to some of the most unique animals. It is considered a biodiversity hotspot by many conservationists.”

“Throughout the event, we will be raising money for charities working to protect the range of wonderful animals and plants found on the island.”

During the Easter school holidays, visitors will have the chance to meet some of Madagascar’s most fascinating creatures at the park’s ‘Mad about Madagascar’ event from 11th-27th April.

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