An artist who moved to Worksop for a 'better life' is now a 'British inventor'

An artist is now a ‘British inventor’ after she created a new plastic process to create her art which is now on display in Worksop.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 1:03 pm
Scultptor and artist Christina Stephens-West

Christina Stephens-West, who is originally from Islington moved to Worksop to give her a chance to develop her business.

Christina said: “I moved to Worksop for a better life and so I could concentrate on my sculptures.

“This started about 18 years ago because I didn’t like the window pane in my bathroom.

Scultptor and artist Christina Stephens-West

“It was plain glass and I thought that was an opportunity to put something lovely in the window.”

Christina has developed a unique patented process, while she was researching the relationship between fabric embroidery sculpture and light, by changing the chemical composition of a synthetic thermoplastic resin and added a new dimension to its character.

Christina said: “I took a year working out different types of plastic formations because Perspex was one thing but Perspex didn’t have much colour with it.

“And then I started putting organic material in or pigment or metals and after a year I thought this could be a new thing.

“So I contacted the patent office and I took it to them and within a short space of time I got the patent so now I am a British inventor of a new plastic process.

“I have turned my process into lamps, I’ve also used it in the garden to create imitation flowers because it’s nice to have flowers all the way through the year.

“I can also teach you how to inspire yourself to have your own incredible art in your own home which is the best place for it so they you can appreciate it.”

Christina has now been given the chance to display her lamps and other designs in the front window of the Co-op Funeral Home in Gateford Road, Worksop.

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