Americans or American’ts?

PROM nights, head teachers becoming principals, why are our local schools becoming so Americanised?

What next? Nerdy geeks being beaten up next to the lockers by letterman jacket wearing jocks? Hundreds of Worksop schoolgirls running around in cheerleader outfits?

How long until our school footie and rugger teams are axed in favour of basketball and gridiron?

I can’t see how any of this will improve standards in education and make our young people grow up to be better citizens.

This is Great Britain, but this Americanisation seems to be permeating through all aspects of our society, not just education.

Thanks to the Yanks we now have such a junk food culture that we have nearly as many fatties as the US of A, and we can also thank the Americans for the hideous glut of reality TV shows that fill our TV screens.

If things carry on like this soon we’ll be driving on the wrong side of the road in ridiculous gas guzzlin’ cars, and walking round with guns as if it’s the Wild West. Well, I tell you this now – I’m not having it.