Accolades for familiar faces

THIS week’s Guardian Rose goes to two men who have saved lives and changed lives in their job as security guards.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th November 2012, 5:30 pm

Nick Fenech and Calum Cooper are familiar faces in Worksop Town Centre. Their security guard status at The Priory Centre shopping arcade sees them help fight crime and nuisance, and keep the public safe.

“There are so many different aspects to our job. From catching shoplifters to sorting out car parking issues and even giving first aid when it’s needed,” said Nick, 40, who has been in security for 13 years.

But this rose was presented for reasons which go over and above the call of duty. And charity shop volunteer Lorna Dunn decided to show her appreciation.

On Wednesday 17th October, a man collapsed in the shopping mall just outside Iceland. It is thought he had suffered a heart attack.

“Myself, Calum and our manager Lynette rushed to the scene where we found the man on the floor. There were lots of people standing around him and after checking him over I could tell he wasn’t breathing,” said Nick.

Nick and Calum are first-aid trained so they set about preparing to start CPR. Calum went and grabbed the defibrillator that is kept on site. And luckily there was also a paramedic nearby to help.

Nick continued: “Me and Calum started CPR while the paramedic used the defibrillator. We worked on him until the ambulance arrived and we managed to bring him back around. As he was carried to the ambulance he was breathing and actually fighting to get off the stretcher.”

The last the pair heard from the ambulance service was that the man, who they think was about 50, was sitting up in his hospital bed and waiting to be transferred to a specialist ward.

Calum, 25, said: “It was an amazing feeling to see him come back to life. The adrenalin in those moments was incredible.”

Nick has given life-saving CPR three times in his career. While for Calum, this was his first time.

He said: “To feel you have achieved that result for someone is brilliant. And it has brought me and Nick closer together as a team.”

Both men said they would love to hear from the man they saved, and know how he is getting on.

“Hopefully if he reads this he might get in touch. I’d quite like to shake his hand,” said Calum.

Presenting the Guardian Rose to the pair, Lorna said: “I think what these two have done is brilliant. They are an inspiration, really. And that man was so lucky that they were there to help.”

Priory Centre manager Lynette Bray said she was ‘extremely proud’ of her staff being recognised with the Guardian Rose award.

“The team works tirelessly to ensure that our shoppers are safe at all times and have been faced with some very difficult situations in the past few months and have responded quickly, professionally and very effectively each time. They are an asset to the centre,” she said.

“Each member of the security team has received valuable training from the East Midlands Ambulance Service and completed advanced first aid courses and are ready to use these skills at any given moment”

Lynette said they had also played a huge part in helping to reduce crime at The Priory Centre, which she said had contributed a 19 per cent reduction in crime in town centre the last year.

She added: “This award will be a great boost for the team.”

Lorna also wanted to say thanks to Nick for getting her son Jamie, 20, his first job. He had been finding it difficult to find work, and didn’t really know what he wanted to do.”

Nick said: “I knew there was a cleaning vacancy at the Priory Centre so I told Lorna and Jamie about it.”

“We took him on and we haven’t looked back.”

His duties include opening up the Priory car park in the morning, sweeping, emptying bins and general cleaning duties.

Jamie, who is about to become a dad, said the job gave him a feeling of satisfaction and achievement, and he enjoy working with Calum, Nick and the team.

Lorna said: “I feel very proud of him and I’m glad he’s finally got off his backside and started earning his own money. I’ve definitely seen a change in him for the better so I want to thank Nick and the Priory team for giving him a chance.”