AA Grundi: Worksop is becoming one giant set of roadworks

Roadworks diversion signs at the Hope, and roadworks across the main road in Foxdale
Roadworks diversion signs at the Hope, and roadworks across the main road in Foxdale

Is it just me or are there a ridiculous number of roadworks and traffic lights around Worksop at the moment?

Cruising around in the air conditioned cocoon of the Bentley has become a chore as it’s impossible to move faster than a district nurse or a kerb crawler.

You’re forced to stop and start more often than a stuttering penalty taker.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain as our local roads are hardly in working order at the moment and could certainly do with a little TLC.

Are we finally going to get some smoother and less dangerous roads at the end of all this disruption?

Are they filling in a few of the cavernous potholes that have been knackering suspensions and felling cyclists since last winter?

Frankly, it’s about time as the state of Worksop’s highways are currently on a par with a Third World country or the surface of Mars.

I swear most of the roads on the Paris–Dakar Rally are a smoother ride than a trip down the A57 to Dinnington or the road to Retford.

Anyway, the slow progress does at least give you the opportunity to have a good look at the highways men ‘at work’ on the roads.

In the town centre last week there were four blokes ‘working’. One was busy drilling. His face earnest and commendable.

But two of the others were stood around laughing at him, while the third stood on the pavement reading the paper.

It’s also incredibly irritating when they put the traffic lights in place before they’ve set up properly.

So you’re waiting for a green light while there’s an imaginary obstruction.

It really is fascinating to watch our highways workers in action - and gives you great faith that our roads will soon be up to scratch...