AA Grundi: Worksop folk need to learn the Green Cross Code

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The precision brakes on my top of the range Bentley have been put through their paces recently.

I’ve complained about the number of gormless idiots who wander across Bridge Place at the junction with Central Avenue before.

But I’ve never been so close to taking a life as last week, when one moron walked out in front of me pushing his baby in a pram.

Luckily Grundi’s reactions are still right up there with Don Bradman in his pomp so disaster was averted.

The brakes were slammed on like a driving test emergency stop and a few choice Ango-Saxon remarks drifted out the car window.

But I should have saved my breath as the guy hadn’t even noticed how close he and his offspring were to becoming another needless road death statistic.

And it certainly got me thinking as I moved gingerly onwards up the road.

He wouldn’t take a wander through a shooting range or swim with sharks so why on earth would he play Russian roulette with his own life (not to mention his child’s) like this?

I’ve lost count recently of the number of times I’ve seen people strolling across roads in front of cars - completely oblivious to the danger.

But for a parent to wander blithely across the road a few yards in front of the Bentley while pushing a pram is beyond irresponsible.

If some mindless individual is prepared to risk being run over just so they can get into Bargain Booze before it closes that’s up to them.

But to take chances with their little ones by pushing them in front of a moving vehicle is outrageous behaviour even for Worksop.

Maybe it’s just the effects of Christmas madness addling people’s brains, but you really do start to wonder.