AA Grundi: Why do people show off about booze exploits?

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Why do people feel the need to brag about how much they have to drink?

To listen to some of the conversations you hear on the streets of Worksop, you would think boozing was an Olympic sport.

Now Grundi is no teetotaller - far from it.

Fine reds to wash down the best steaks, Napoleon brandy and Cognac are all regular entries on Mrs Grundi’s weekly shopping list.

Though I do admit those classic Worksop tipples of Special Brew, Skol and White Lightning never get near.

And I’ve never felt the need to go outside and shout down the road about how much I had last night.

And yet the conversation I overheard (well, had bellowed into my eardrum) the other day in town seems increasingly commonplace.

“I was totally bladdered last night mate,” said sallow youth number one.

“Tell me about it mate,” replied sallow youth number two.

“I had a bottle of vodka before we went out. Then seven pints and eight sambucas. Totally wasted from seven mate. Top night.”

For a start I suspect this gentleman was exaggerating.

If he’d really drunk this much he would have woken up in casualty.

But the pride in his voice at how much he was poisoning himself on a night out left me incredulous.

As if he was showing off about scoring a hattrick, getting a first class degree or securing Beyonce’s mobile number.

When will people learn that pouring loads of booze down your neck really isn’t any great achievement.

We can all do it - it’s extremely easy. Some of us just happen to occasionally like to be in our minds rather than out of them.