AA Grundi: White Van Man has a rival for worst driver

Look out if you see one coming
Look out if you see one coming

There’s a new rival to White Van Man for the title of worst driver on our roads.

Meet Range Rover woman. We’ve all been cut up by one of them as they rush their two kids to school in a vehicle big enough to transport an army.

We’ve all seen one parked across double yellows, two parking bays or blocking a school entrance.

And I’m sure we’ve all politely waited for one to pass a parked car only to be completely ignored.

I think the low quality of driving and general arrogance has to revolve around the size of the vehicle.

And who actually needs a car of such ridiculous proportions?

Some are big enough to move around an African village and still have room in the back for all their kitchen sinks.

And yet they’re routinely owned by 2.4 families purely for the status they think it gives them.

They guzzle fuel like a Worksop factory worker on a Friday night and were presumably originally designed to transport troops across the deserts of Iraq or Afghanistan rather than cope with the school run.

Many of them were also intended to be driven on American roads, which are generally about eight times wider than our own and so can accommodate these monstrosities.

As with so many things we can probably blame professional footballers.

You can’t watch Sky Sports News without seeing one speeding out of a training ground with blacked-out windows.

And ex-manager Harry Redknapp wheeling and dealing while talking to a reporter from a huge 4x4 is one of the sights of transfer deadline day.

I’d treble the road tax and insurance on them just to put people off.

Though they’d probably think that just raised their status even further...