AA Grundi: Where will smoking be banned from next?

Let's stick the mother-in-law in the back instead...
Let's stick the mother-in-law in the back instead...

It looks like the days when Worksop drivers could puff away on their Woodbines at the wheel with a car-full of kids hanging out the windows could be over.

It’s another of those classic sights of the town that could be lost forever thanks to our Nanny State.

Yes the Government is taking its draconian ban on cigarettes, and in my case Cuban cigars, a stage further.

Smoking in cars when someone under the age of 18 is present is to be banned from October.

Now Grundi is not a heavy smoker by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m not the sort of person to roll over in bed at 7am and immediately need a fix of black tar on my lungs.

And not for me the cheeky fag with a cup of tea and a Rich Tea biscuit.

No its strictly quality over quantity - but I can see why this new law could further enrage the country’s smoking fraternity.

Smoking is now banned in so many places it’s difficult to keep track.

I’ve no issues with making restaurants smoke-free, most of us don’t relish the idea of a return to a mouthful of fag smoke with their steak and chips.

Banning it in pubs was more of a stretch and must have caused some serious dismay for a lot of die hard drinkers and smokers.

But I draw the line at banning it anywhere outdoors. Surely it can do little harm on the end of a station platform, for example.

Plus banning it in people’s private domains like their home or car seems to be taking things too far.

And how on earth are they going to police it?

Nearly every time I take the car out there are morons texting and making phone calls while driving - activities which were supposed to have been banned years ago.

They’ll be banning the good people of Worksop scoffing Big Macs at the wheel next...