AA Grundi: What will the Brexit mean for Worksop?

The decision has been made.
The decision has been made.

So the decision has been taken, the die has been cast and for good or ill Britain has quit the EU.

If you believe Boris and his band of Brexiteers mass immigration will cease, the economy will thrive free of “European red tape” and we’ll all march happily into the sunset with “our country back”.

Never mind that the pound has immediately sunk to a level last seen when Human League were in the charts and Everton were top of the league.

Who cares that the IMF have predicted a recession which could last for years and the Bank of England boffins are promising financial meltdown? At least we will have curved bananas again.

And who has voted us into this parlous situation? Yes, the old folk like me who won’t be around to see the damage it will cause.

Yes Britain could be in more than a spot of bother.

But what does the referendum result mean for that most neglected, mysterious and misunderstood part of the EU.

No, not Romania. Worksop. Will we really see any difference on the streets of our town?

Sometimes it feels like nuclear armageddon could take place elsewhere in the world and we wouldn’t notice - so perhaps not.

Maybe the shops won’t sell as many of those Polish paprika crisps anymore - which would be a shame as they’re quite tasty.

Maybe you won’t get cut up by a Hungarian lorry driver quite so often at the Millhouse roundabout.

And maybe some of the jobless scroats hanging around all day at Wetherspoons might have to actually get a job.

But I think we may miss one or two of the things the EU has actually done for us.

Like paid holidays, better jobs, education and health services. Plus wine cheaper than it has ever been. Yes, we may just regret this one...