AA Grundi: Welcome to Worksop, South Yorkshire

Worksop has effectively applied to join Sheffield
Worksop has effectively applied to join Sheffield

So Bassetlaw has taken the plunge, decided to don a flat cap, breed some whippets and become part of Sheffield.

We’ve long been more or less a satellite of the big, bad city and councillors have now confirmed it.

Last week, they voted to apply to join a devolution deal with Sheffield City Region - effectively throwing their caps into a giant Yorkshire pudding.

But it hardly seems like a major change to me.

For years, most of the folk who live in Worksop have actually worked and done their business in Sheffield.

It’s the reason why traffic is always worse in Worksop at 7.30am than 8.30am, as most of the town speeds down the A57 to work.

Okay, so the town is still at its busiest at about 1.30pm when the benefits mob nip down the shop for some cigs ahead of Neighbours – but that’s beside the point.

Although we’ve always been proud to be part of Nottinghamshire, this part of the county has always looked north and east to Sheffield, rather than south to County Hall.

There’s 35-plus miles, a forest and the grey mass of Mansfield in the way for a start.

Plus you would have been hard-pressed to find many Nottingham Forest fans in Worksop even in their glory days, let alone now.

Wednesday and United supporters must outnumber them tenfold.

And how many folk do you know who choose to do their shopping in Nottingham instead of Sheffield or Meadowhall?

The council insists its devolution plans will create jobs and cash for people in Bassetlaw, and let’s hope that is true.

But will we need to start talking with that ridiculous ‘dee-dar’ accent all the time?

And will Sheffield be pleased to have us? It must feel like they’re inheriting a poop-a-scoop bag.