AA Grundi: The world’s worst observed traffic lights

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When you think of the great traffic intersections of the world, the junction of Bridge Place and Ryton Street in Worksop might not spring to mind.

It hardly has the glamour or prestige of Broadway, The Champs-Elysées or Sunset Boulevard.

But I guarantee there isn’t a more difficult crossing to negotiate in the world for any poor mug in a car.

Does nobody in this town get taught the Green Cross Code at school?

The ‘little green man’ in the lights next to Dorothy Perkins has to be the most ignored man in Worksop.

In fact it’s a waste of electricity having lights there as people just wander over regardless.

Folk traipsing down Bridge Place with their shopping barely seem to look if there’s a car coming before shuffling across.

Every time I try to inch through the hordes in my Bentley I’m left blasting the horn like an irate Cairo taxi driver.

The masses of overweight mums with prams, pensioners on mobility scooters and gormless, spotty teenagers trooping across reminds me of a herd of wildebeest trying to cross the Zambezi.

And I’m often left wishing there was a crocodile or two around to greet them.

Then you get the morons who haven’t realised that Ryton Street is one-way so look in the wrong direction for traffic - even though they’ve no doubt lived in Worksop their whole lives.

It’s frankly a miracle there aren’t more accidents as Worksop drivers aren’t exactly renowned for their patience either.

The only solution I can think of would be an electric shock to any idiot who crosses when the lights are on red. You have to be cruel to be kind...