AA Grundi: The shameful cost of cleaning up after fly-tipping

Fly-tipping makes my blood boil
Fly-tipping makes my blood boil

Imagine what Bassetlaw Council could do with an extra £200,000 to spend.

Not that long ago Greaves and Co were able to get their hands on a huge swathe of the town centre for a similar amount.

It is what they have had to spend in the last three years simply to clean up after fly-tipping across the district.

What a truly appalling waste of taxpayers’ money that could be spent on cleaning up public toilets, attracting a few more shops, or even providing a few gardeners for the Grundi Towers lawns.

I jest but there is a serious point here - don’t blame the council for cleaning up the streets.

They don’t have much choice when there’s the sort of disgusting eyesore opposite outside people’s homes.

No, the blame lies fair and square with the mindless idiots who dump it in the first place.

What kind of idiot loads up their car or van with rubbish but then instead of taking it to a tip or recycling centre decides to dump it in some quiet lay-by?

Do they get some sort of twisted thrill from seeing the countryside turned into a filthy dump?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been enjoying a stroll or drive in the country, only to go round a bend and be confronted with a pile of fridge freezers, TVs and dumped tyres.

Littering of any kind is repellant but this sort of thing is beyond the pale - hang your head in shame if you’ve ever done it.

The council doesn’t escape Scot-free though as the number of people they’ve actually caught is pretty pathetic.

There have been 3,331 incidents reported - with only three prosecutions - and I bet some of these are when the idiots dump some post with their full address on it.

They’re hardly figures Sherlock Holmes or Kojak would be proud of.