AA Grundi: The Battle of Britain or Made in Chelsea?

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There was a beautiful and poignant sight in the skies over Bassetlaw last week.

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain celebrations and the annual local veterans’ tea party, a spitfire swooped over Gamston Airport.

I defy anyone to argue that this aircraft’s graceful lines don’t make today’s designs look clumsy and lacking in style.

The flypast offered a much-needed reminder of the sacrifices made during Britain’s ‘Finest Hour’, when Churchill’s ‘Few’ defied the Luftwaffe.

It also inevitably got me thinking about how today’s society of benefits Britain and consumerism gone wild would cope with a mortal threat to our nation.

After all, TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea weren’t broadcasting in 1940.

Would your average scrounger switch off his PlayStation or the 24-hour music channels long enough to sign up and fight for Queen and country.

God help us if they ever have to.

Have a good look at the idiots on those Benefits Britain programmes and try to imagine one of them alongside you in the trenches.

I happened to stumble across one of these shows the other day and it was all about an overweight, narrowly post-adolescent scrounger too lazy to get out of bed to claim his dole.

He even rang his mum from his cesspit of a bed to check if his washing had been done.

The walk to the job centre almost made him throw up, he was so unused to sunlight or fresh air.

The fat, lazy, good-for-nothing loafer wouldn’t have been able to fit in a Spitfire, let alone pilot one.

Congratulations to our MP John Mann for arranging the flypast and I hope plenty of people got to see it – and it got a few of them thinking.

I just hope it didn’t clash with the Jeremy Kyle Show...