AA GRUNDI: That pesky Beckham is not fooling anyone

David Beckham and Bailey Matthews at the Pride of Britain awardsDavid Beckham and Bailey Matthews at the Pride of Britain awards
David Beckham and Bailey Matthews at the Pride of Britain awards
That pesky Becks.

Who does he think he is?

If you haven’t heard (where have you been?) old “Goldenballs” recently bought a paramedic and her patient hot drinks whilst they were waiting in the cold.

Apparently, the paramedic and the elderly man were greeted by Beckham, before he returned 10 minutes later with the beverages.

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Imagine that. There you are sprawled out across Potter Street because you’ve taken a turn for the worse, next minute, Beckham appears with cup of tea and coffee from Jilly’s Cafe.

Is he that desperate to outshine Grundi? He needs to do better than that.

I touched upon the subject last week but it got me so mad after all my hundreds of pals kept banging on about it that I thought I needed to put him straight.

I do this gesture on a daily basis. Catch up Becks.

I am well-known for handing out treats to the old dears at Worksop’s many care homes. I can’t do enough for them. But do you hear me shouting about it? Of course not, because you will not meet a more down to Earth gentleman than yours truly.

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If you ask me that lad needs bringing down a peg or two. His latest TV documentary showed him playing seven different football matches in seven continents in seven days.

No biggie. Try getting up at 6.30am on a Sunday morning to help put the nets up at Langold Juniors. Not for the feint-hearted I tell you.

You might be thinking I am coming across as a bit jealous...ha! Think again.

I tell you what, Grundi would not shy away from Sir Alex, in fact, I have been known to give out the hairdryer treatment to a few of my lot in the under eights.

There’s only one person worthy of taking “the most famous” tag away from me in Worksop, and that’s Bailey Matthews.

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