AA Grundi: Kids’ driving lesson is another bright idea

These are the only cars youths should be driving.
These are the only cars youths should be driving.

Every so often some bright spark in local government comes up with an idea which almost leaves AA Grundi speechless.

The shrinking wheelie bins to save a few quid on plastic springs to mind last year.

And I spotted another in last week’s Guardian, when I read with incredulity that Notts County Council is now running driving lessons for underage kids.

Yes, your 15-year-old tearaway can now spend Easter speeding round a track in Retford in a car rather than skulking around on a bike or skateboard like they should be.

Just what our roads need are a load of cocky, young drivers getting their provisional licence and already being confident enough to ignore their instructors after picking up some advanced tricks on a race track.

Apparently the previous classes held back in February were a sell out. I bet they were! After all, if I was a 15-year-old youth I can think of worse ways to spend my Easter holidays.

It certainly beats baking hot cross buns or scoffing Easter eggs.

But what exactly is the council trying to achieve with this latest piece of madness?

Is it wise to be training up a whole new generation of boy racers and getaway drivers for our local ramraiders?

I know what you’ll be saying - it’s important to teach kids the right habits when they’re young and impressionable blah blah blah.

But do they really need to know how to drive at the age of 15 or 16? Banning them until they’re 25 would be a better plan.

And I bet there are a few mums and dads in the county rushing to hide the keys to their Audis as I speak.

All I can say is hell will freeze over long before Grundi allows anyone under 40 to get behind the wheel of my Bentley...