AA Grundi: It’s time to toast Worksop’s Special Brew tree

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All the talk recently has been about a fall in the number of folk binge drinking across the country.

In a report by the Office for National Statistics it was claimed that the number getting completely legless once a week was down 10 per cent in just a few years.

Barely a day goes by without seeing some sallow youth strolling down the road with a can of super strength lager

AA Grundi

All I can say is lies, damned lies and statistics.

They clearly haven’t done any of their research around here.

Certainly judging by this photo of what can only be described as a Special Brew tree taking root in Worksop.

One of my trusted spies spotted it near Worksop Library - an area well known for its literary and intellectual air.

From what I’ve seen out and about it pretty much sums up the binge drinking culture around here.

Barely a day goes by without me seeing some sallow youth strolling casually down the road with a can of super strength lager.

And I’ve seen no reduction in the number of spotty adolescents chugging down cans of bargain cider in our car parks.

The town centre on a weekend evening hasn’t got any noticeably quieter either - don’t tell me you haven’t heard at least one beery roar drifting through the night air every Friday and Saturday evening.

No, I think it’s pretty clear that these figures are very misleading.

Could it be that the number of different ethnic groups now living in the UK, and in particular in London, are skewing the stats?

I fear so. Many of these cultures are teetotal (not sure how they live in London without drinking, but that’s beside the point) and so they’re hardly likely to be binge drinking.

I’m pretty sure a report based just on this area would produce some very different conclusions. Anyway, I’m off to toast the Special Brew tree...