AA Grundi: It’s not just Grundi who can walk on the Ryton

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Is it me or is the River Ryton through Worksop slowly turning into a swamp worthy of the Florida Everglades?

It’s amazed me for some time that a river with such little energy and flow can ever reach the sea.

The Ryton is as lazy as some of the rogues you see dossing around in the sun down the Canch with a cider and Special Brew picnic.

And now our muddy, brown trickle of a waterway seems to have given up altogether.

I know most of you already think Grundi can walk on water - but on the Ryton you can too.

Take a look next time you go over the Watson Road bridge - it’s so full of vegetation you could fill a million green bins.

Have our council leaders given up on bringing tourists and new businesses to town, and instead trying to attract weird and exotic wildlife in their place?

Are they hoping to run safaris and develop the UK’s only population of crocodiles and alligators?

I jest of course, but there is a serious side to my frivolity this week.

It’s not all that long ago that the water levels in the Ryton were almost up to the Guardian office’s windows.

Grundi doesn’t swim (water makes my hair curl) and could easily have drowned - which makes it a very serious matter.

Flash floods are getting more and more common with that global warming malarkey and the council really should do something about it.

The Ryton needs a proper dredging and clean up all the way from the cricket ground to the Canch. Because, this being Worksop, its not just plantlife blocking the river.

There’s no doubt a veritable smorgasbord of shopping trolleys, plastic bottles, discarded prams and lost footballs swirling around down there.