AA Grundi: Is Worksop ready for street art?

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I suppose Worksop has always had plenty in common with Stonehenge - despite outward appearances to the contrary.

Both are ancient selections of dull grey structures placed piecemeal across the countryside and most recently inhabited by neandarthals, dragging their knuckles along the ground.

They’re both places of mystery where no one can be certain just how they ended up there.

Now it appears our local college is determined to create an actual Stonehenge in our fair town - given the dark grey eminence which has appeared on Bridge Place.

Close to the spiritual vortex which is Greggs, Argos and Sports Direct has appeared a new sculpture.

It seemed to pop up Phoenix-like from the dust and fag packets last Thursday on one of the warmest days of the year so far.

I thought I was hallucinating in the heat haze at first.

One minute there was nothing there other than litter swirling around in the wind.

And the next minute there was a new sculpture on the horizon - without any plaque or information to say where it had come from or what it was for.

I bet I wasn’t the only one who did a double-take either.

In fact, it must have seriously disturbed any bare-chested drunkards tottering out of the pubs to be confronted with it.

Aliens seemed to be the most common explanation when the story appeared on the Guardian website.

For what it’s worth I actually quite like it - and apparently there could be more on the way.

But I do worry about the location and how Worksop folk will cope with the phenomenon of street art.

It can surely only be a matter of time before there are weirdos dancing and chanting round it on a Saturday night. Put it this way I’ll be giving it a wide birth on the Summer Solstice.