AA Grundi: Is Worksop ready for luxury living?

The scene of this new experiment in Worksop living.
The scene of this new experiment in Worksop living.

I was left pondering the other day what the 90s sitcom Friends would have been like if it was set in Worksop.

The show which launched the careers of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and others was, of course, set in Manhattan, New York.

They were six ‘young professionals – although they never seemed to actually do any work, but never mind – living a trendy urban lifestyle in the Big Apple.

Now it seems Worksop could soon be attracting its own bright young things.

Whether they’ll have quite the same healthy glow after a few weeks with our diet and lifestyle remains to be seen.

But a company is promising to build new “luxury flats” right in the heart of Worksop.

Within a stone’s throw of such delights as Worksop police station, Bassetlaw Council’s buildings and the Newgate Medical Centre.

The former Copthorne House office, on Potter Street, is the venue for this most unlikely of social experiments.

I nearly choked on my morning croissant when I read about it in The Guardian last week.

Office block to be transformed into ‘luxury’ apartments

A young whipper snapper of a developer was quoted as saying “there is a lack of one and two bed luxury apartments in the area”.

There are more than a few good reasons for that, pal.

When was the last time you saw a young professional in Worksop?

You’re more likely to see a tribe of pygmies walking down Bridge Street.

And even if they did decide to make Worksop their home, surely they could find a better spot than this?

Unless they relish the unholy din outside the police station on a Friday night or the sound of people legging it home to Manton in the small hours. And what are they going to do in the evenings?

Worksop isn’t exactly overstocked with wine bars, cocktail lounges and Friends-style coffee shops.