AA Grundi: I wish these ‘chuggers’ would leave folk alone

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What’s the biggest threat to Worksop’s high street?

Some might say it’s shops closing all over the place. Others would point to the fag smoke you’re forced to inhale. One or two might blame the interweb.

But I think our old friends the charity muggers, or chuggers, could leave even more people fleeing indoors.

I spotted a whole army of them mobilising on Bridge Place the other day.

Fortunately I’ve learnt to spot an adolescent with a clipboard from a thousand paces.

I must have a sixth sense for dodging anything which might cost me money.

Unfortunately some poor souls weren’t so lucky. I spotted them badgering and bullying people young and old.

Now I should point out before I’m drowned in a sea of righteous indignation, that I have no issue with charities collecting money.

But the latest methods for extracting our hard earned cash are invariably as obnoxious as their causes are worthy.

For a start, how do they know who they are approaching? I could be Bill Gates or Esther Rantzen in a stylish sheepskin jacket for all they know, but I’m still guaranteed a snide remark if I refuse to stop to talk to them.

If I’m giving money to charity I prefer to have more than 30 seconds to think about it while being pressurised by some hairy student.

While also, no doubt, struggling to hold on to about three bags of shopping and trying to shelter from the rain.

There are thousands of charities out there, almost all of them worthy, but unless you’re the aforementioned Mr Gates you need to chose which ones to donate to carefully.

And there are surely better situations in which to make these decisions than being hectored by a student.