AA Grundi: How about a romantic dinner at Greggs in Worksop?

Greggs sausage rolls
Greggs sausage rolls

Regular readers of this column will know Grundi has long been completely non-plussed at why anyone would eat out at a supermarket cafe.

It’s another great mystery of Worksop life - the ridiculous number of folk who choose to eat and drink surrounded by their frozen shopping and listening to loud speaker calls for ‘another cashier to the check out please’.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Worksop couples who booked a table at Tesco on Valentine’s Day.

I honestly couldn’t think of a worse place to dine out.

Until recently. Then I discovered that some of the numerous Greggs outlets in Worksop town centre have an eat-in area.

How long they have been there, I have no idea. But it was quite a shock to me.

I’d nipped in to satisfy my occasional but almost frantic need for a steak slice, and there were actually people sat at tables tucking into meals. What’s more, they will all have paid extra to have their tuna crunch baguettes on a plate in-store.

Why do people do it? Worksop is well blessed with cafes, coffee shops and pubs which do grub these days.

So why sit in a Gregg’s listening to people jabbering on about how many sausage rolls they want? Rough guess it will be more than six if it’s Worksop.

I enjoy the guilty pleasure of an occasional Greggs sausage roll myself. But I’ve never felt the need to sit and savour it with a latte and a copy of the Financial Times.

For a start, Greggs’ in Worksop must be among the noisiest places on earth when the lunchtime crowds descend upon them.

The constant stream of hungry patrons munching pastry like Pacmen hardly makes for a romantic atmosphere. The doors are also permanently wide open so even at quieter moments you’re open to the elements.

Please take your steak slices home with you...