AA Grundi: Have you ever scrapped with an old woman for a cut price TV?

A busy city centre as shops have their Black Friday
A busy city centre as shops have their Black Friday

Have you ever queued up in the cold and rain outside a supermarket at 4am in November?

How about scrapped with an elderly woman to get your mitts on a cut price TV?

Barged a copper out the way to grab hold of a bargain toaster?

No? Me neither. But plenty of British people did last week because of all that Black Friday nonsense.

Some of the scenes up and down the country were among the most shameful we’ve seen since the inner-city riots a few years ago.

And wherever you went, you could not escape Black Friday. Take it easy on Black Friday, don’t go mad on Black Friday, don’t overspend on Black Friday, screamed every newspaper and news programme.

My email was bombarded with Black Friday pleas for me to spend my hard earned cash (they really should know better). What makes it worse is that if you asked around a few years ago no one would have heard of Black Friday.

That’s because it’s a purely American phenomenon and should be nothing to do with us.

If, like me, you’d never heard of Black Friday until the blanket coverage last week, its the Friday following Thanksgiving States-side and is seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

But what’s that got to do with us? And it’s no excuse for the anarchy and chaos which seemed to follow.

It’s yet another sign of how everything in this country is being Americanised.

What on earth is next? Will we be celebrating ‘Labor Day’ and spelling it in that stupid way too? Or perhaps we’ll be gathering round the table to stuff ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings on Thanksgiving - actually that last one doesn’t sound like such a bad idea...