AA Grundi: Do celebs really need their TV advert cash?

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England’s first choice goalkeeper Joe Hart has been getting on my nerves a bit recently.

It’s nothing to do with his shot-stopping ability - he’s clearly one of the best around.

It is of course that ridiculous advert he does for Head & Shoulders shampoo.

And Joe’s not alone. Every time I switch on the TV there’s another celebrity endorsing one product or another which they’ve almost certainly never used.

There’s Cheryl ‘because she’s worth it’ Cole with yet more hair products, Gary Lineker and his crisps and George Clooney with his espresso (Being the George Clooney of Worksop they asked me to do this one but I declined),

Why do they feel the need to make such fools of themselves?

I know the obvious answer is the piles of cash which will be coming their way - Grundi isn’t quite as stupid as he looks.

But let’s face it, do any of them really need more money than they have already?

Does Joe Hart really need to supplement his Manchester City wages with yet more readies from Head and Shoulders?

And is it really worth all the changing room banter he must be on the receiving end of?

Is George honestly feeling so hard up that he needs the gratis coffee beans from Nescafe?

Fair enough Cheryl needs to keep busy now she’s been given her X Factor cards but she’s one young lady who should never need the ‘washing her hair’ excuse.

Still it’s got me thinking what Grundi would endorse if given the opportunity.

Bentley motors, Napoleon brandy, Glenfiddich single malt, After Eights - that sort of thing.

Strictly at the classier end of the market.