AA Grundi: Can’t you lot find a nicer place to eat than a supermarket cafe?

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What’s your favourite vista when enjoying a pot of tea, cappuccino or a slice of cake?

Perhaps you’d like to be overlooking a 17th Century town square? Or taking in the views at the seaside or next to a babbling brook.

Most Worksop people seem to think slightly differently though.

Their preferred view is of shopping trolleys, signs for the in-store toilets and a car park.

Yes it’s another great mystery of Worksop life - the ridiculous number of people who eat and drink in supermarket cafes.

I honestly can’t think of a worse place to dine out.

Are there really conversations like this in homes across the town:

“Darling, shall we treat ourselves tonight and book a table somewhere?”

“Absolutely. We’ve not been to Tesco for a while. I positively adore their jumbo sausage rolls.”

Why on earth would you choose to eat at a supermarket? Surrounded by your shopping bags, full of melting ice cream and rapidly defrosting peas.

All to a backdrop of kids screaming and calls for a cashier to go to check out number nine please.

Are we really so obsessed with getting everything from supermarkets these days that our entire lives have to be played out within them?

Not only do we have to buy absolutely everything from Tesco, Morrisons or Asda (or Waitrose in the Grundis’ case) but we have to get our mobile phones from there, use their car insurance and even eat there.

Next time you’re pushing your trolley out of the tills area, do us all a favour and stay strong.

Instead of nipping into the café for some lukewarm horror show of a meal, head to one of the decent, independent places that even Worksop is home to these days. Please...