AA Grundi: Are we smart enough to live without our phones?

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Do you think the people of Britain would be able to survive if mobile phone signals were suddenly all switched off?

Increasingly, I doubt it. And I’ve heard a few conversations recently which have only heightened my fears of the anarchy which would ensue if it happened.

First there was a dapper young man on a train I overheard making plans for where he would meet his girlfriend.

At first things were going fine. But then our young gent realised he would have to change trains at the next station. And, horror of horrors, he had no phone signal!

Could he not ask someone? Railway staff aren’t always the cheeriest but it’s worth a try.

Or maybe look at the signs on the station?

This unfortunate youth’s whole weekend seemed to be put in jeopardy by his inability to function without his smartphone best friend.

Even worse was a lady on the same train panicking that her Google maps weren’t loading.

“How on earth are we going to find the theatre,” she bleated to her friend as if she was lost on the Iraq/Syria border rather than looking for the Theatre Royal.

Do people not have tongues in their heads these days?

Or are we so worried about being ‘happy slapped’ that we’re afraid to ask.

What made matters worse was this lady’s advancing years - she must have survived for five-sixths of her life without a mobile phone.

And yet here she was unable to remember the days when she got on just fine without having to swipe her way out of trouble. If the terrorists of the world really want to create havoc in the West they just need to switch off the phone signals.

Everyone will be wandering around lost as if a nuclear disaster had befallen us.