AA Grundi: Another terrifying fashion trend hits Worksop’s streets

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There seems to be another terrifying new men’s fashion trend hitting the streets of Worksop.

I’ve been concerned by the ridiculous trousers on display among the town’s young men for some time - as regular readers of this column will know.

A few years ago we had those jeans which were slung so low slung you could see the youth’s underpants as he tried to stagger around with his trousers virtually round his ankles.

Then we went to the other extreme with those skinny-fit drain-pipe efforts (usually in a tasteful shade of bright red) which must have been agony to wear.

I’d be amazed if any of those young men will ever be able to have children after shoe-horning themselves into such tight-fitting horrors.

Now, as if to compensate, the latest fashion seems to be for blokes to wear trousers which look like they have got a nappy on underneath.

Are our dietary habits so bad these days that we need to wear nappies into our twenties?

Have a look around for them next time you’re out and about.

They’re tight on the legs but balloon out in a quite terrifying fashion around the crotch - probably providing enough room to keep a sackful of ferrets down there if you so desired.

Unless you’re shaped like Humpty Dumpty there is surely no need for such ludicrous trousers.

Apparently they’re called ‘harem pants’ or ‘drop crotch pants’ and remarkably they sell them for women too - just in case they want to try out the ‘nappy under your trousers’ look.

And there’s no sign of a return to normal trousers either.

Apparently the next big trend for 2015 is likely to be baggy and half-mast slacks where you can see the top of your socks. Where will it all end?