AA Grundi: Advanced training for our mobility scooter army

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Everyone knows that Worksop is a pretty perilous place for any pedestrian to find themselves.

Boy racers growling away at every crossing in a souped-up Citroen Saxo and bare-chested louts riding bikes on pavements are bad enough.

But perhaps the most dangerous of the lot are OAP’s on their chariots of menace, otherwise known as mobility scooters.

What I’d suspected for years was confirmed in last week’s Guardian, when I noticed that safety training sessions were being introduced by the county council specifically for mobility scooter users. Apparently there were three serious casualties involving them in the county during the last two years.

Not to mention a further ‘six slight casualties and six casualties involving pedestrians’ - most of which involved my shins.

It’s difficult to say whether they are more dangerous to themselves or the poor so and so’s who meet them on the roads.

As a pedestrian I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found myself pressed against a wall in terror while an old dear rumbles past on one completely oblivious.

Not to mention the number I’ve seen humming down the middle of Newcastle Avenue or tearing across in front of me at the traffic lights on Central Avenue while out in my Bentley.

So who on earth is being tasked with the training for Worksop’s mobility scooter army?

Are there any daredevil speed freaks out there who could could possibly teach them anything?

Talk about advanced driving! Their speed and risk taking would put Lewis Hamilton to shame. Frankly, the idea of them all trained up and ready to hit the roads is a terrifying prospect.