A worldwide win for Trent Valley

PUPILS and staff at Gainsborough’s Trent Valley Academy are celebrating after receiving the International School Award.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th September 2011, 3:30 pm

The award comes after the school’s hard work and dedication to raising awareness and educating pupils about other cultures and countries through a variety of initiatives.

Languages teacher Laura Delleur said she was delighted that the school was recognised.

“It’s all about raising awareness of the global community and improving the ethos of the students whilst helping to integrate the children who come to us from other cultures and countries as well,” she said.

“One of the things the council said was that it was remarkable that we’ve achieved this in just two years, where it usually takes more established schools much longer.”

She continued: “We started by getting the foundation award and then worked towards establishing international awareness across the curriculum for the intermediate award, and we’ve had a variety of special days, workshops and projects focusing on Africa, the Ukraine, Senegal, Sierra Leone.”

“This is a very high profile award, and it isn’t easy, but all of the teams have worked together and we’ve worked with other schools on shared projects.”

She added: “I’m so pleased with how hard staff and students have worked towards this.”

TVA principal Wendy Carrick said: “I’m really proud that they have done this.”

“It has been achieved during the time after we first moved here and were just settling in, so to get it going so quickly is highly commendable.”

She continued: “Our students are now making links with other cultures and countries, and considering that we’re in Lincolnshire which is not particularly multi-cultural, this is very important.”

“The next step is the Commenius Project where we’ll be welcoming six schools from around Europe in November.”