A Worksop family is trying to adapt their home to meet the needs of their disabled son

Brandon Caske-Playfoot, who has cerebal palsy with his mum Sally
Brandon Caske-Playfoot, who has cerebal palsy with his mum Sally

A young family need thousands of pounds to help with the cost of an extension that will give their four-year-old son with cerebral palsy a better quality of life.

Brandon Craske-Playfoot was born on June 1 2011 but did not take his first breath for 12 minutes, This left him with severe brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Now as he is getting older the family home in Nene Walk is not equipped to deal with his needs.

Cerebral palsy is the general term for a number of neurological conditions that affect movement and co-ordination.

Neurological conditions are caused by problems in the brain and nervous system.

Dad, Gavin Craske-Playfoot, 37, said: “We have been told by Bassetlaw District Council that we could get funding to build a ground floor extension but it will not cover all the costs.

“We need a bath and a bed with hoists on them and make the house wheelchair accessible.”

The projected cost of the extension is close to £50,000 and the family believe the Council will only help with costs up to £40,000.

Gavin said: “I know this is a lot of money but having this extension means Brandon can stay with his family and be cared in his own home where he feels safe and secure, but we don’t have the money to meet the shortfall.”

Brandon also has a heart condition called aortic stenosis, which means his main heart valve does not work as it should, he had a operation on it at nine weeks old and will also need further surgery to replace his aorta at anytime.

He has regular checkups to see if it is still working sufficiently enough to keep him alive.

The youngster struggles to eat full meals and has to have most food blended and he has had a gastro tube fitted into his stomach to top his calorie intake up at night.

His mum, 34-year-old Sally said: “After the birth there was so much going on but I knew something wasn’t right.

“The following days I was just numb and hoping he would pull through, I was by his bedside but felt so helpless.”
In August 2014 Sally was diagnosed with cervical cancer but it was caught early and treated, in January of this year the family fell pregnant and the newest edition, Maddison was born ten weeks ago.

Sally said: “I chose to have her by caesarean to avoid complications but it meant that I couldn’t pick up Brandon for a while.

“He needs everything doing for him from washing and feeding himself to taking him to the toilet so that was a really tough time.”

Gavin said: “Brandon has very limited control over his hands and arms,and is also non-verbal, he can say the odd word like dad and yeah but his main way of communication is through eye gazing.

“Saying that he is very intelligent and has a way of making it known exactly what he wants.”

Brandon is a pupil at St Giles School on Babworth Road, Retford.

Gavin added: “He has always got a smile on his face and is such a happy clever little fella, I call him my little soldier.”

Now the family are looking for people to get behind their cause and help raise the shortfall of cash to fund the extension that Brandon desperately needs.

The online giving page is available at crowdfunding.justgiving.com/Brandons-Story