A Worksop businessman is disgusted by lack of police presence after failure to attend incidents

Stock picture of a police officer on the beat
Stock picture of a police officer on the beat

A Worksop businessman is becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of police presence in the town.

The managing director at Straightset has reported incidents of intruders on his business premises to Nottinghamshire Police on four separate occasions between November 23, 2015 and March 9, 2016.

Managing director at Straightset, Paul Bates, said: “On each occasion we have disturbed them but they wait for us to leave the premises and then return.

“Yesterday evening (Wednesday, March 9) they returned three times after we reported that they were trying to break in to our fabrication workshop.

“Our operations manager asked for police assistance as he was outnumbered, he was told that no one was available and could he stay on site.

Businesses in Worksop are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of coverage by the police.

“The problem is getting worse as the burglars gain confidence as they know that the police issue incident numbers to victims and don’t follow up.”

The Guardian is awaiting a response from Nottinghamshire Police.