A Guardian Rose for a much loved and supportive WW consultant

Julie Baines is presented her Guardian Rose by Julie Peacock and Linda Silk
Julie Baines is presented her Guardian Rose by Julie Peacock and Linda Silk

A much loved and supportive WW consultant has been recognised by her group members with a Guardian Rose.

Julie Baines runs a WW group at Masonic Hall in Worksop on a Thursday morning and was presented with the accolade by members, Julie Peacock and Linda Silk.

Julie Peacock said: “I first started with WW a few years ago at another group and lost weight but as soon as I stopped going it went straight back on. And I found it difficult to go back to the group but from the start Julie made me feel welcome.

“She made me feel like it would be different this time and to give it a go and see how I got on.

“I went with friends from school and I didn’t realise that Julie was also an old school friend. We went to the same school and her mum was a teacher there.”

Julie said the group is a very supportive environment and everyone is always there for one another.

She said: “And no matter what might be going on in Julie’s life she is always there with a smile, she is never in a bad mood.

“She is really supportive and if you have a bad week she always says to draw a line under it and start again next week.

“She never takes herself too seriously and she makes it fun. That’s the biggest thing she makes it fun and can laugh at herself.

“Everyone loves her to bits. If you speak to any member of the group and they think the same thing.

“When we gave her the rose she was shocked. It was a complete. It was a lovely thing to happen and she knows now how much everyone thinks of her.”

Julie has been going to this particular group for 18 months and has so far lost two stones.

She said: “Normally when things aren’t going right I give up but she’s made me keep going. It’s because of who she is I want to go every week.

“If it’s good news or bad new she gives you the encouragement to start again. And she does that every week without fail.”

Our Guardian Roses are generously donated by Bo-Kay in Watson Road, Worksop.