A bone of contention for homeless hounds

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Retired greyhounds are coming to Worksop this weekend looking for their forever home.

The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust, LGT, will be in the pedestrian area of Worksop town centre between 10am and 2pm to educate people on what it is like to live with a greyhound.

Kevin Stow who set up the charity has been re-homing dogs since 1998.

He said: “There are still some misconceptions about owning a greyhound but they are such good pets, very docile and they can get on with young children and other animals.”

A greyhound starts its racing career between 15 and 18 months, it can be retired then if it is not quick enough but they can go on to have careers which last until they are five-years-old.

In the 16 years LGT has been going 1,401 greyhounds have been re-homed.

The trainers are not always in a position to re-home the dogs themselves so charities like LGT do the work.

Kevin said: “While many people think that because greyhounds run around a track they need a lot of exercise but they only sprint once every week or so and are happy with sniffing around a garden or going on ‘normal’ walks.

“Meeting people in towns, like Worksop, is vital for us to be able to continue our good work, get dogs into homes where they will be loved and raise much needed funds.”

On Saturday there will be an opportunity to meet the dogs who are looking for a new home as well as the volunteers.

For more information visit www.lincolnshiregreyhoundtrust.com