A.A.Grundi: The Millhouse roundabout is a joke

A57 Mill House Roundabout.
A57 Mill House Roundabout.
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Look at that sprawling mess - also known as the Millhouse Roundabout - in this picture, The thing’s a complete joke.

There was yet another crash on it this week, and mark my words, there’ll be many more.

The signage and road markings on it is beffudling. The placement of the pelican crossing is idiotic.

Add to this the fact that there are so many stupid, useless drivers on the road, and you have the perfect storm.

When you approach the roundabout from Mansfield Road, I think you’re just supposed to guess which lane to use if you want to go into town. That’s what I do. I do eeny, meeny, miny, moe, and then close my eyes and hope for the best.

Common sense would suggest that if you should get in the left hand lane if you’re planning to go straight on into town.

But more often than not if you try that one you get stuck in a queue on the roundabout caused by the shambolically placed crossing, and then run the risk of being broadsided by some goon hurtling round the roundabout in an 4x4.

If you try doing it from the right hand lane the chances are you will have to battle it out Hunt v Lauda style with someone who’s trying to get into town from the left hand line.

You just can’t win.

Speaking of Mansfield Road, no sooner have they resurfaced it and they’ve just put up skid warning signs.

I don’t mean to sound thick, but isn’t the point of resurfacing work to make the road safer, not more dangerous?

Here’s an idea - surface roads with something that doesn’t make cars skid.

A mate of mine lives on Mansfield Road and apparently they were kept up at 2.30am by the sound of the roadworks going on. Bonkers.