A.A. Grundi: Is this the worst bit of parking you’ve ever seen?

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Just when I think I’ve seen it all in Worksop, and that I’ll never have anything to write about ever again, something like this (the picture above) lands in my lap.

Worksop, and its people, are just the gift that keeps on giving. The fuel to my satirical fire.

Just when I was struggling for some inspiration this week, I was sent this pearler, as if from heaven (it was actually sent to me by Rosie Sanderson on Twitter).

I ask you - have you ever seen a worst bit of parking in all your days?

Newcastle Avenue in the middle of the day and this bozo decides to park virtually in the middle of the road.

The front passenger of the car must literally have had to get a bus from their seat to the pavement.

Honestly, what was going through this person’s mind, if indeed they have a mind?

I dread to think what they do on the motorway. Probably park up in the middle lane, then walk to the nearest services.

I bet the parking wardens were bamboozled. Technically, the car isn’t parked on the double yellow lines. That must’ve foxed them.

Maybe that was what this driver was trying to achieve. Maybe it was a stroke of Worksop genius. But I’m inclined to believe it was just a severe case of motoring incompetence.

Although I’ve never seen a piece of parking quite like this before, if someone had told me about it, then asked me to guess what the car involved was, I’d have said Micra without a shadow of a doubt.

Micra drivers really are a unique species. Most of them seem to have accidentally stumbled into the world of motoring.

And what do you reckon - was this driver male or female? Answers on a postcard.

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