A.A. Grundi: Facebook rabble always take my bait

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Sometimes I just like to toss a live grenade into a crowd, and saunter away nonchalantly into the shadows.

I’m using artistic license, of course.

The ‘live grenade’ to which I so imaginatively and creatively refer is my column, and the ‘crowd’ is the Worksop Guardian’s Facebook page.

There really are some very simple people on there, and provoking them is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

I just dangle my line into the Facebook swamp and they all come rushing up to the surface, mouths gaping like carp.

Last week’s column drew a predictably rabid and incoherent response from our Facebook friends.

Some feel so threatened by wit, talent, and charisma that the only way they can fight back is by using profanities.

Well, I refuse to give these bozos the oxygen of publicity on this page.

But here are some of the printable yet hysterical comments...

“It doesn’t matter what people are wearing it’s called don’t judge a book by its cover as for little brats everyone was a child once upon a time yeah I get with the cars but how do you expect people to visit such places if don’t live close by why don’t you try putting yourself in their place before you judge people.”

That’s one in the bag. And here’s another...

“Nothing is as predictable as a columnist with a grudge to bare against the population of the town he writes for.”

“ Your attitude is wearing as thin as my nan’s knickers.”

I could go on but sadly there is just not enough space on this page.

Fortunately, there are some voices of reason...

As funny as the A.A Grundi section can be, reading comments from the insecure, excessively defensive, unwashed targets of his humour is an activity that could be said to be equally as amusing.”