A.A. Grundi: County council put up a road sign just for me

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It seems that Notts County Council wait to see what views yours truly has on a particular issue before making a decision.

I’ve got them running scared, you see.

Don’t believe me? Then go and see you for yourself.

In my column last week I was lambasting the lack of adequate signage and road markings.

In particular the confusion over what lane one should be in when heading into town from Mansfield Road.

Within a matter of days, yes just DAYS, a new sign had been erected (no giggling) and the road marked up in a sensible and understandable manner.

This is what is known as THE POWER OF GRUNDI.

It happened last year when I was moaning about the potholes, and now it’s happened again.

It’s no coincidence.

Some people think Alan Rhodes is the leader of the county council, but in actual fact it is I who is pulling the strings.

The reason 154 million smackaroos is being cut from the budget is because it’s being syphoned off to fund an extension to Grundi Towers and a new wardrobe for Lady Grundi.

What do you think is more important - services for homeless people, or an Olympic size swimming pool for Grundi?

I know what I’d vote for.

Other things on my wishlist include my own private tunnel running from my garage to Terminal 5 at Heathrow, and a life size replica of Wembley Stadium on my front lawn.

I also wouldn’t mind a different Bentley for every day of the week and uniformed chauffeur to ferry me around in them.

They’ll probably need to increase Council Tax by 7,000 per cent, and scrap Meals on Wheels to pay for all this, but that’s a price worth paying in my book.