28 turn out for Striders

The latest stage of the West Lindsey Run Series took place in Gainsborough on Sunday 23rd October and Gainsborough and Morton Striders had 28 members running, making this the highest turn out for many years (see pictures on P8).

Jerome McCulla came seventh and there were encouraging performances from new members Jordan Holmes and Paul Dagg, while 15-year-old Daniel Edwards had his best run so far for the club and Angela Overson continues to improve finishing seventh lady.

Positions of club runners and their times: 7th, Jerome McCulla 17 minutes 08 seconds; 25th, Jordan Holmes 18-28; 26th, Tom Humphries 18-29; 28th, Steve Gaffney 18-38; 34th, Paul Dagg 19-17; 49th, Dale Parkinson 20-05; 50th, Phil Marsland 20-11; 51st, Daniel Edwards 20-11; 52nd Simon Hall 20-12; 71st, Matt Lyner 20-55; 83rd, Ian Thorpe 21-58; 98th, Michael Adlington 22-38; 107th, Angela Overson 23-00; 108th, Nigel Bowler 23-00; 114th, Jane Catley 23-02; 118th, Shaun Boyle 23-07; 126th Norman Hindley 23-24; 142nd, Brian Vollentine; 143rd, Kevin Housham 24-23; 150th, Simon Smith 24-48; 160th, Craig Ward 25-09; 171st, Mandy Neal 25-32; 174th, Emma Robinson 25-43; 175th, Stacey Wrath 25-50; 182nd, Ian White 26-12; 204th, Stacey Lyner 27-14; 207th, Gemma Brumby 27-20; 231st, Donna Cook 28-39.

The final run in the series takes place at Market Rasen on 13th November.

Training sessions start at the High School 5.30pm every Tuesday and 6.30pm every Thursday.

A women only training run starts at 5.30pm on Thursday.