18 more words and phrases you would only ever hear in Nottinghamshire

In the last few days tens of thousands of people have viewed our list of 17 words and phrases you would only ever hear in Nottinghamshire.

By Ben Green
Wednesday, 26th November 2014, 7:38 am
Pikelets or crumpets?
Pikelets or crumpets?

Not only that, but we have been inundated with suggestions from Notts folk of other words and phrases to add to the list.

Here are a few of them...

Mackle it together: Repair or make something from different things

Tintintin: Nothing in the tin

Twitchel: An alley

Ay ya from Wassop (Warsop)? You’ve left the door open

Put wood intol: Shut the door

Black o’er Bills mother’s: Looks like it’s going to rain

Bobboes: ones/ horses

Dik bods: Birds

Dahnt: Down the...

Gain Dahnt tahn: Going down the town

Girrover: Give over

Parky: Cold

Pikelets: Crumpets

It want me: It wasn’t me

Bods nest: Birds nest

Have you been nesting? Making love

Tuffees/Dudoos: Sweets

Gizza us a croggy: Give me a lift on your bike

Can you think any more?Leave your Notts words and phrases in the Comments section below.