VIDEO: New Star Wars film is out of this world, say fans

Out of this world, brilliant and amazing - that's what hard core fans think of the new Star Wars film after staying up to be the first to see it t midnight.

By Graham Walker, Digital Editor
Thursday, 17th December 2015, 1:46 pm
Star Wars fans at Cineworld Sheffield
Star Wars fans at Cineworld Sheffield

It's called Star Wars The Force Awakens and more than 2,500 cinemagoers were wide awake for the first screenings of the new blockbuster as they filled 14 sold out screens at Cineworld Sheffield.

Some turned up dressed as their favourite Star Wars characters - not least of all Darth Vader and his stormtroopers - to cheer on new goodies and baddies in the film which sees the return of old favourites Hans Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

Director JJ Abrams has done for Star Wars what he did for the new Star Trek films - he's rebooted the magic, lost to some degree in the prequels. The Force Awakens is an action packed adventure, with all the romance of the original trilogy.

Disney paid $4.05 billion for the franchise and, although the series may have nodded off, the force really does reawaken here and connects with the past.

It's helped off course by the on screen comebacks of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and, though only briefly, Mark Hamill, with Chewbacca, C3PO, R2D2 and the Millennium Falcoln thrown in for good measure.

But soon after the film opens with the equally famous crawl of golden text, revealing that Luke Skywalker vanished shortly after events of Return of the Jedi, we are introduced to new fresh faced heroes and terrifying villains, who actually steal the show.

It may be a galaxy far away but it's moved with the times - there's a strong new female lead in the shape of Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, and we also have a handsome black guy Finn, AKA stormtrooper FN-2187. Helped by adorable new puppy-like spherical droid, BB-8, they are on the run with the star-map which reveals the hideaway of Luke Sykwalker. The Empire has been replaced by the fascistic First Order who are in pursuit.

Darth Vader died years ago but filling his boots is the new and equally terrifying Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, armed with a killer red lightsaber, black cloak, mask and menacing voice.

There are some huge shocks, twists and turns - including the death of major character - but cinema bosses are urging fans not to spoil the film for those yet to se it.

Dave Vaughan, Cineworld Sheffield's Operations manager told how more than 2,500 fans filled 14 sold out screens to watch the first midnight showing, including IMAX laser with 3D, as the director intended it to be seen - one of only two cinemas equipped with it in the UK - and in 4DX, with motion screens and atmospherics.

Many shows are sold out over the next few days as the film heads to become the biggest movie box office success of all time and certainly the Christmas hit of the decade.

Star Wars fans at Cineworld Sheffield

"It looks like the high demand for tickets will continue over the next few days. So anyone who wants to watch it I'd urge to book in advance to avoid disappointment," said Dave.

Here's what some fans said of this first in the new Star Wars trilogy, as they left the cinema around 3am.

Owen Keane, aged 17, of Barnsley said: "I feel very lucky to have been one of the first to see it. It was a very good film. It was out of this world to be honest."

Sarah Youel, 31, of Sheffield, wearing her Yoda hat, said: "It's absolutely fantastic.Rally, really good. I really enjoyed it."

Star Wars launches at Cineworld Sheffield

Craig Kennedy, 46, said: "Yes it was fantastic. This is what we've been waiting for."

Sean Lim, 24, from Malaysia, studying in Sheffield, said: "It was very good. A nice film. I liked it."

VIDEO: Watch our video report and se more fan reactions after the midnight screening.

Star Wars launches at Cineworld Sheffield
Star Wars fans at Cineworld Sheffield
Cineworld Sheffield Operations Manager Dave Vaughan
Craig Kennedy
Owen Keane
Sarah Youel
Sean Lim
Star Wars fans at Cineworld Sheffield