TECH TALK: How PuroQuiet headphones put you in control of your child's listening

Are your children always listening to music or the latest YouTube clip on their headphones? Or do you long for quiet when they stream music on the speakers for the rest of the house to hear?

By Tim Hopkinson
Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 11:05 am
Updated Thursday, 7th November 2019, 9:54 am
The PuroQuiet headphones come in blue and black or pink and white
The PuroQuiet headphones come in blue and black or pink and white

If you're like me, you probably love the peace that headphones bring but worry about the levels your youngsters are listening to when they plug in.

That's where the latest product from the Puro Sound Labs comes to the rescue.

The PuroQuiet headphones, designed for children and teenagers, have a built-in limiter that keeps the volume below 85 decibels - recommended by Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA and World Health Organization as the safe listening level.

The PuroQuiet headphones use Active Noise Cancelling to improve sound quality

And the firm's previous model, the BT2200, was recommended as the best headphone for children on Wirecutter in December last year following 80 hours of research including speaking to experts at the World Health Organization.

The PuroQuiet is designed to keep music at suitable volume levels for children while keeping a balanced sound. It says its volume limiting prevents children and teenagers from suffering hearing damage by cranking the sound up too high.

I decided it was time to try them out and see whether the quality matched up so passed them on to my 11-year-old daughter Katy to get her verdict.

Here it is...

The lightweight headphones are easily adjustable

The PuroQuiet Bluetooth headphones are very handy and hard-wearing. Overall, they are an amazing piece of technology.

I didn't find the instructions the clearest but, once working, the Bluetooth feature is a significant, and amazing, part of these technologically-advanced headphones.

They are easy to charge and take around an hour and a half to do so. Once taken off charge, they inevitably lose a bit of power straight away but don't need plugging in again for a long time.

The headphones look good, are comfortable and work really nicely with a good clear and pristine sound.

I found the buttons on the sides - to control the Bluetooth functions, volume and Active Noise Cancellation - were a bit confusing and could have been clearer.

But, overall, these headphones are very comfortable and are very good quality. They are the best headphones I have ever used.

I loved the colour - I tried out the blue and black ones - and there is also a pink and white version. However, it would be good if there was more to choose from.

If you're looking for some good quality, trustworthy and hard-wearing headphones - and are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money, I think these are a good option for you.

The lightweight headphones are made of aluminium and with comfortable noise-isolating ear-pads. They have an active noise cancellation feature that reduces ambient noise levels and gives a higher quality listening experience, blocking out background sounds. The manufacturer claims it is "as if the wearer is placed in a sound-proof bubble of silence".

Puro Sound Labs also says the protein leather ear cups isolate the listener from 82 per cent of ambient noises and adds that "the superior sound quality, music vocals and movie or game dialogue is heard clearly against the full spectrum of audio, from deep bass to high frequencies, reducing the need to increase the volume".

The PuroQuiet headphones use the latest Bluetooth v4.0 technology for wirelessly connecting to other devices and keep their power for up to 16 hours with active noise cancellation activated; they can also be used for up to 200 hours in standby mode between charges.

They stay wirelessly connected up to 30 feet away meaning they are ideal for parents, allowing them to control what their child is listening to from the front seat of the car or the next room at home.

There is an easily-adjustable sliding arm so the headphones easily suit varying head sizes and come in either a pink or blue metallic look.

And for travelling they also have a case which they easily and safely fold into when not being used.

These are a great set of headphones, giving reliability, style and can put you back in control, and are currently on sale for £69.99