TECH TALK: EZVIZ C1C Full HD Indoor Security Camera

The EZVIZ C1C Indoor Security Cam is an ideal entry-level device for those looking to protect their home and keep an eye on their property when out of the house or on holiday.

By Andrew Foley
Monday, 2nd September 2019, 11:39 am
Updated Monday, 2nd September 2019, 11:41 am

Two versions are available, in either 720p or 1080p resolution.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT devices, the cam allows users to monitor live streams via Echo Show/Spot and Google hub technology, all while offering a 110 or 130-degree viewing angle, depending on the chosen model.

The C1C is light in weight and a strong magnet on the base allows it to attach firmly to a metallic surface, making the device easily portable around the home, without the need for screws and drilling.

The EZVIZ C1C Full HD Indoor Security Camera can be mounted on a surface

A metal plate can be fastened to out-of-the way locations, with the cam coupling via the magnet. Self adhesive pads will also perform the same task, negating the need for permanent attachment.

Alternatively, the cam will sit comfortably on a desk, shelf or on top of a cupboard. The ball-and-socket head facilitates precise positioning.

With easy set-up, via Wi-Fi and installation support available on the EZVIZ app, this device is a value-for-money purchase for those interested in upping their security. It's ideal for monitoring a baby or keeping an eye on pets.

The app is user friendly, with device installation and software navigation easy to grasp. Charging is via the USB port, while the included instruction guide is clear, straightforward and of minimum fuss.

The EZVIZ C1C Full HD Indoor Security Camera can be mounted on a wall via sticky pads or an affixed metal plate utilising the device's magnetic base.

The EZVIZ app allows users to view, listen and speak to visitors, pets or family members via their smartphone or PC/Mac. Thanks to the two-way talk system and internal microphone, audio pickup is supported within five meters.

A PIR Sensor means the C1C can also decipher whether some movement doesn’t require an alert, such as pets wandering around at home.

However, when something out of the ordinary happens, push notifications are sent to the user’s phone, to flag that motion has been detected by the heat sensors and settings on the device.

Users can view live footage or playback on the app, where they can also set schedules, create detection areas and share previous filming. An IR LED ensures video footage remains clear, even at night, when viewing is extended up to 12 meters.

EZVIZ C1C Full HD Indoor Security Camera

Picture quality is solid and demonstrates how much technology is improving and becoming more affordable.

The C1C comes with a MicroSD slot, allowing for up to 256GB of local storage. Users can choose continuous recording within the app, giving them constant monitoring, as well as just motion-detection recording.

Users can also subscribe to the EZVIZ Cloud Storage system for larger and remote storage options. The device has two years’ warranty and the EZVIZ Tech Support team is on hand 24/7.

The C1C is an entry-level indoor security cam but punches above its weight and users will find they get a lot of bang for their buck.EZVIZ C1C Indoor Security Cams costs £39.99 (720p) and £59.99 (1080p) respectively. Available via AO.Com, Amazon and other outlets.

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