See town in a different light

an INTERESTING exhibition by a local photographer is coming to town with the aim of showing Gainsborough in a different light.

As They Sleep is a brand new exhibition by photographer Nicholas Gray.

An acclaimed professional photographer in his own right, this will be Nocholas’s first art show since he graduated from the University of Sunderland last year.

Nicholas says that his purpose was to show a different and more beautiful side to Gainsborough.

“These photographs show Gainsborough at night, so feature familiar sights in unfamiliar light,” said Nicholas.

“The idea behind the work is that Gainsborough is viewed as an unattractive place during the day, and almost feared during the night, I wanted to show Gainsborough in a way it had never been seen before.”

The As They Sleep photo exhibition can be seen at Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough on Wednesday 31st August.

For more information you can visit or cal 01427 676655.

For more information on Nicholas Gray you can visit