Rebecca’s pupils were truly born to dance

In June of this year Rebecca Doona, in her words, “took a giant leap of faith” and made the dream of owning her own dance school come to life.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 9th December 2011, 10:57 am

Just 19 weeks after its opening at The Carlton-in-Lindrick Centre the school now boasts over 100 members.

Just five months from its start Rebecca’s school performed Born To Dance on stage at The Regal to great applause and appreciation.

This was no ordinary dance show either. It was a finely polished show featuring dancers aged three to members of retirement age.

You could tell that the music spurred the junior and senior troupes on, at times moving with amazing speed. To combine speed with grace is hard, but the dancers on stage proved that it is possible.

Of course, whenever there are three to seven-year olds involved in a show there’s always the ‘ahh’ factor.

These were the aptly named Little Stars, and there were many of them on stage at one time and oh, they were so cute.

Whether they appeared as wolves, pigs, chefs, bakers or in tutus tapping their feet and moving in time to the music they were just a delight.

On the subject of outfits, I can’t begin to imagine the goings on back stage as these children changed into different costumes, which were absolutely brilliant. Just imagine around 20 little tots in frilly red tutus with satin bodices with gold trim – just magical.

I must also mention a rather bemused little boy, with a wolf’s nose rammed on over his glasses. He had both me and my guest chuckling every time he appeared.

He didn’t really notice the audience as the cast were just so mesmerising. He occasionally remembered his moves, but he was just so entranced by the whole thing that his mind had drifted off elsewhere. He’ll probably permanently stage-struck now.

The junior, intermediate and senior groups showed admirable control. Leg extensions and head and arm movements were shown to full effect. The group and paired work showed that a great deal of planning and rehearsal must have taken place to get to this standard.

It was also good to see school owner, Rebecca and her skilled assistant, Kristy Chambers perform on stage. Their piece using mirror work and complementary movement was beautiful. Something for their pupils to aspire to.

Other highlights were Fabulous in which the student members showed us some showgirl moves and On the Floor Street Dance style set to Jennifer Lopez’ music - just brilliant.

Rebecca’s students have had time to enter and win auditions and take and pass exams. As Peter Burton said at the end of the show, a phenomenal amount of progress has been made in just 19 weeks.

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by Wendy Fidoe