Professional ballerina's tips for young dancers

Three of the most popular ballets of all time - Giselle, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake - will be presented by the Russian State Ballet of Siberia in Buxton this month.

Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 8:00 am
The pas de deux in Swan lake, presented by the Russian State Ballet of Siberia.

Ahead of the performances in the Opera House from March 17 to 19, the company’s principal dancer Anna Fedosova give an insight into the daily life of a working ballerina.
Q. At what age did you start dancing and when did you join the Russian State Ballet of Siberia?

A. I started dancing at the age of 10 when I went to ballet school. I joined the Russian State Ballet of Siberia two years ago after graduating from the ballet school.

Q. When at your Krasnoyarsk base what does your working day consist of?

A. I get up at 8am, have a little breakfast and go to theatre. At theatre I start training for about one hour and then my rehearsals start. I have a break in the middle of the day and then again rehearsals.

Q. How many hours sleep do you like to get?

A. Usually I need eight hours to get good sleep.

Q. What kind of diet do you have to keep fit?

A. I do not have to eat too much sweet things and pastry.

Q. Have you toured the UK before – if so how many times and what do you like about British culture?

A. I toured once in UK and I liked being in England very much. I do not know much about British culture but everything I saw was very advanced and versatile.

Q. Can you describe what a typical day on tour involves…?

A. I get up early, have my breakfast which I prepare the day before and go for a walk. Then I travel to theatre and start doing ballet class, after that there is rehearsal, a short time to get ready for performance and then the show starts.

Q. Will you be performing in all the ballets on the tour? Do you have a favourite role and if so why?
A. Yes, I will be performing in all ballets on the tour. My favourite is Swan Lake, because this is the most beautiful and the most elegant role for a ballerina, every little ballet girl dreams to dance this character in her career.

Q. Do you have a specific warm-up and warm-down procedure before and after each performance?

A. Normally I need half an hour to warm myself up before going on stage and I do warm up in my special way, flexing and stretching legs and arms.
Q. What is the highlight of your career so far?

A. I think my role of Odile in Swan Lake.

Q. Any useful advice you can give to young ballet dancers here in the UK?

A. My wish to all young ballet dancers is to to fall in love with dancing, with everything you do on stage and then the audience will definitely fall in love with you.

l Giselle will be performed on March 17, Sleeping Beauty on March 18 and Swan Lake on March 19 at Buxton Opera House. Tickets £23-39.50. Contact 01298 72190 or