Pause for Thought

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One of the saddest things I see this time of year is horse chestnuts on the ground, never to be picked up by some happy young child to go to school with to play conkers.

When I was a child I could not wait for conker season. The excitement of seeing off your challenger with a good whack of your conker. Then the despair when your last conker is smashed to pieces by your rivals. Life has changed beyond description over the last few decades; who would have believed that one day you would watch telly on your phone.
Although the world is not the same world that I grew up in, one thing has never changed: God’s love for each one of us. Through every year and in every season His love for us has not diminished. A love proved on the cross over 2,000 years ago on a hill in a little country in the Middle East. 
Rev Captain Tim Stanford, St John’s, Worksop.