Pause for Thought

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Did you ever find yourself in a bit of a jam and stuck for what to do next? 

People sometimes talk about a ‘voice inside’ suggesting what they might do next. I don’t mean strange voices urging even stranger actions. No, more of a convincing whisper. The Bible talks of God speaking in a ‘still small voice’. Just the other day I found myself in a bit of a jam. I am being treated for cancer and sat on the end of my bed coughing and spluttering. It all felt beyond my control and no fun at all. I was shouting at this thing in my body when a whisper inside said, “Whose battle is this?” God was reminding me that he’s got my back in this one. I handed it over to him and the coughing subsided super quick. 
Still small voice? Don’t knock it. Try listening. Be blessed. 

Pete Hardy, Poplars Church at The Golden Ball, Worksop.