Pause for thought

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The story is told of two conversations an old lady had on the outskirts of a town. 

In response to each visitor’s question, “What kind of place is this town?” she asked, “What is it like where you come from?” 
The first replied, “It’s a horrid, unfriendly place.”, and the second, “It’s a lovely place to live.” 
To both she commented, “It’s the same here!”
Finally, to the first she added, “You wouldn’t like it here.”, but to the second, “You’d love it here!” At the invitation of Worksop Guardian, let’s tell others about what makes Worksop special – talking the place ‘up’ rather than ‘down’. 
Visitors may judge our town by what we say about it!
Geoffrey Clarke, The Crossing Church & Centre, Worksop.