Pause for Thought

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On May 11, I had a kidney removed at Northern General Hospital.

I am now ready to step on to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Boldly going where I’ve not been before. May 11, recovery good. Staff and care beyond wonderful. May 15, All now disconnected...sans drip, sans oxygen. Good sleep was had by all. May 19, home. You are on the journey of your lifetime. Better still to be on God’s chosen journey. Fall into God, fall into life. May 24, Two week’s tomorrow a very nice man took a chunk of my inner workings away and exactly a week ago I came home feeling stunning but wrecked. God has redeemed my life from the pit and we are seeing cancer driven back in the name of Jesus. Whatever you are doing and wherever you find yourself today give in to the heavenly father who loves you; see the kingdom come and be blessed. 
Pete Hardy, Poplars Church.